The Good Friday Blues Band is:

Byron's harmonica mic sits atop the lyric sheet for "Didn't it rain" - gives you a little insight into our practic process

A group of friends who love God. We also happen to love the blues. This year we’re taking a break from performing but here’s a list of all the folks who have ever been part of our band:

Aaron Dawson – guitar/vocals

Angelika Dawson – percussion/vocals

Chris Teichroeb– bass

Benita Warkentin- percussion/vocals

Daniel Wagner – guitar/vocals

Byron Wiebe – harmonica extraordinaire, guitar, vocals

Dave Dueckman – bass

Scott Currie – crums

La Vern Klassen – vocals

Check the “Service Info” page to find our how you can support Cyrus Centre this year.


4 responses to “The Good Friday Blues Band is:

  • Michelle Schlein

    I saw you at House of James. You guys were more than awesome! I want a cd of your hymns! i love what you have done with the old standards. I have a group of young people I wouldlove to introduce to your music. Please ask Lando if there is room for you at the Gospel/blues concert this summer! I will be sure to get a group to come hear you. If you are already registered to play please make sure Lando advertises that fact. Do you take requests?

    Be blessed for you surely blessed me!

    • goodfridayblues

      Thank you for your kind words, Michelle, that is such an encouragement to us! this band was put together just for this purpose – for the Good Friday Blues service, so there’s no CD and at the moment, no plans for more performances this year. we are thinking about next year – and sure, we’ll take requests, so if you have them, let us know and we’ll see what could happen next year!

  • Wes DeLong

    I’m hoping you guys will do a CD. You’ve got a great sound!

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    […] who sing the blues has proved difficult for me. An internet search led to only two — The Good Friday Blues Band in B.C.’s Fraser Valley, which performs only occasionally, and Bush Wiebe and the Mennonite […]

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