This Story has a Happy Ending

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We set out to tell a story this weekend. In reality, there were a few narratives going on – the story of a band that’s worked hard, in various forms, for the last 5 years to raise funds for a much-deserved charity. The credit for the photos that tell the story of this band’s journey goes to Dale Klippenstein Photography.

The story of the charity itself: I learned this week that Cyrus Centre, the organization for which Good Friday Blues raises funds, is the only organization of its kind between Vancouver and the Okanagan. Since we started this adventure, they’ve helped more than 500 kids – some reunited with their families (always the first goal), some into foster care, some supported to be on their own. Cyrus Centre operates 24/7/365 and is funded almost entirely by donations. So it felt pretty good to know that together with matching donations, we raised $6020 for this organization this week. That’s a happy ending right there.

A story of thanks: THANK YOU. Thank you Lando, for opening up your house to us to do this. Thank you all for coming and for giving generously. Thank you to the band for taking weeks of time out of your hectic lives and busy schedules to learn the music and come to rehearsals.

And thank you Jesus for being the conquering hero of the story we tell this weekend. And all God’s people said?




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