An Amazing Experience!

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The Good Friday Blues services have come and gone and it was another amazing experience. We’re still waiting to hear final totals but I’ll let you know what the fundraising total was later this week. It was a gift to see so many come and worship – to sing and clap along. AND YOU DANCED!! That might have been the highlight of both evenings for me.  People thank us for putting this evening on, but honestly, it’s a privilege for me to do it. I don’t know another mom who gets to share a stage with her son (willingly!) and her husband and all her favourite, hand-picked musicians to sing this heart-soul-music. To do it in such a great place as House of James and to benefit such an important ministry as Cyrus Centre – well, that’s just a Blessing.

A huge thanks to Kevin Jeske who captured these amazing images on Thursday night. Stay tuned for totals!


2 responses to “An Amazing Experience!

  • garethbrandt

    I think it was your best show yet. You keep raising the bar! For me, dancing seems more appropriate for Easter than Good Friday but the two young guitarists/vocalists are maturing and laid down some incredible licks, the blues harp playing defied metaphors, and the poet was a jarring but necessary correction of modern day docetism. But for me, what really made it the best show was the song selection [other than “Saved” which is one of Bob Dylan’s worst albums as your previous blog almost admitted]. The classic “Spirit in the Sky” was better than Norman Greenbaum’s original, the reworkings of old hymns were good, I really liked the version of “trouble and woe” and my favorite was the subdued yet creative “song about love” whatever the title was. It was a new song for me: melodic as well as insightful lyrically.

    • goodfridayblues

      Thank you so much! I love your detailed evaluation – so encouraging; makes me want to do more. The last song you reference is “The Christmas Song” by the Dave Matthews Band. (read the blog on that one. Dave is an interesting character: grew up Quaker in South Africa. go figure.)

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