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Words that burn


Poetry is thoughts that breathe and words that burn – Thomas Gray

Each year we invite a poet to create an original piece of poetry for the Good Friday Blues services. They’re given one or two of our songs and the service’s annual theme to use as inspiration. These works are always deeply inspiring to me, often moving me to tears.

This year’s poem was written by Adriel Brandt and was not just inspiring, it was unnerving. It made us uncomfortable with its raw honesty. This poem embodies the Thomas Gray quote above. Would that more poets had the courage of this young poet; I hope to hear more from him in the future.

You can access this poem here.  Let it breathe and burn within you.


With thanks…


You came – 182 of you, to be exact.

You worshipped. You prayed. You clapped your hands and sang along. You danced.

And you gave.

And because of your open-handed generosity – and the generosity of a couple willing to match all donations to $2500 – we were able to bless Cyrus Centre with OVER $5000!

For all of these things – we give THANKS!

An Amazing Experience!

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The Good Friday Blues services have come and gone and it was another amazing experience. We’re still waiting to hear final totals but I’ll let you know what the fundraising total was later this week. It was a gift to see so many come and worship – to sing and clap along. AND YOU DANCED!! That might have been the highlight of both evenings for me.  People thank us for putting this evening on, but honestly, it’s a privilege for me to do it. I don’t know another mom who gets to share a stage with her son (willingly!) and her husband and all her favourite, hand-picked musicians to sing this heart-soul-music. To do it in such a great place as House of James and to benefit such an important ministry as Cyrus Centre – well, that’s just a Blessing.

A huge thanks to Kevin Jeske who captured these amazing images on Thursday night. Stay tuned for totals!

Saw you yesterday, see you tonight!

Thanks to all who attended last night’s service of Good Friday Blues – it was great to see everyone up and dancin’ by the end!

Tonight’s service is sold out – doors are at 6:30 pm. Don’t forget to bring your cheque book so you can support Cyrus Centre further.

And of course, make sure you wear your dancin’ shoes.