detail from "John 3:16" by Robert T. Barrett. Oil on canvas

detail from “John 3:16” by Robert T. Barrett. Oil on canvas

I was blinded by the devil, born already ruined

Stone-cold dead as I stepped out of the womb

By his grace I have been touched, by His word I have been healed

By His hand I’ve been delivered, by His spirit I’ve been sealed

I’ve been saved by the blood of the Lamb

And I’m so glad… I want to thank you Lord


I’ve always thought that Bob Dylan is a living example of The Emperor’s New Clothes. I don’t care what anyone says, the guy can’t sing! So it’s extraordinary that he makes his living as a singer. Might as well be parading in front of us naked.


What Dylan is, is a poet and a damn good one. No one writes songs quite like his, which is perhaps why we forgive so much of his inability to carry a tune. He really does have a wonderful way with words.


album artwork "Saved" by Bob Dylan

album artwork “Saved” by Bob Dylan

Saved isn’t Dylan’s best song but we chose this song for obvious reasons – it’s his most Christian song, talking specifically about the saving work of Jesus. Most of the song uses cliché Christian phrases but the opening verse is a brilliant example of Dylan’s skill with a pen.


The idea that one steps out of the womb physically alive but spiritually dead is as dramatic an example of a need for a Saviour as there ever was. The use of the words “stone cold” and “womb” make the listener imagine the stone cold tomb from which Jesus emerges on Easter morning. This very Saviour who conquered death by his blood is now able to touch us by grace, heal us, deliver us, and seal us. Indeed there is much to be glad and thankful for!




Dylan’s recording of this song is rather frantic and we’ve worked pretty hard to give it more nuance so that the poetry of it emerges strongly. But the musical strength of the song is its celebratory nature and we haven’t lost any of that quality. We’ve been saved – freed from the pit and the fire that burns in it! If ever there was a reason to get up and party, this is it! So we’re saving this one for the end – and I keep sayin’ this, so it must be true: make sure you bring your dancin’ shoes.

We have one more rehearsal and then it’s happening! If you haven’t got your tickets yet, get them now – they’re going fast and we want to sell out so that we can bless Cyrus Centre and the great work they do there. See you next week!




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