Join us tonight!

good friday (B.C.) 1

Well friends, we’re almost there. The first service stars tonight at 7:30 pm and there’s still a few tickets left. Find some friends and come! Tomorrow’s service is sold out. We’re looking forward to sharing our songs with you and feel so blessed to have the opportunity to worship together using this wonderful genre of music.

Remember that this is a fundraiser for Cyrus Centre, a ministry for street-entrenched youth in the Fraser Valley. Cyrus Centre is open 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and receives no government funding – they rely completely on the generosity of donors to operate their ministry. We have good friends who have told they’ll match all donations for Cyrus Centre up to $2500 – which means we could bless this street ministry with $5000 this weekend. I really believe we can do this – come join us, bring your friends – heck, buy a ticket for a stranger – and let’s worship together and do a great thing for youth in need.

See you tonight!

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