I Believe

My beautiful picture

…He made a way for me (I believe, I believe, I believe)
Ya, when He died on Calvary (I believe,)
I believe just what He said

He broke off all o’ my chains ( I believe, I believe, I believe)
All the guilt is gone away (I believe,)
I believe just what He said

I used to be absolutely sure about things. Yup. Most everything was either/or, good or bad, black or white.

Then life happened and suddenly things got a lot grey-er, less certain. I found I had more questions than answers. I began to realize there was more Mystery to God than I thought – imagine that: me thinking I had God figured out. Ha!


Now that I’m older (and maybe a little wiser) I am becoming more and more comfortable with my questions, I embrace the Mystery – hunger for it, even.

Still, it’s not all vague wonderings. There are still things of which I am absolutely certain. That’s because I believe.

I believe in God – Creator of the universe and all that is in it. Including me, more’s the miracle.

I believe in Jesus – that he walked this earth fully human, fully divine (there’s that mystery again…) and that his mission was to reconcile God’s creation back to God, even though it meant dying – and rising – to make that possible.

I believe in the Spirit – breath of God, in and around me.

breath of God

I have no empirical evidence for any of this and while there is much that will always be in the realm of the mysterious and the question, of this I am absolutely sure: It is in Christ that I live and move and have my being

By faith I will know it, by faith I will show it
By faith I will bear it and now I declare it
I believe just what He said!


Yes, faith… the confidence in what we hope for and the assurance of what we do not see (Hebrews 11) This powerful gospel song is a DECLARATION, people. It is a song and a half and if you’re not clapping your hands and singing “amen” by the end of it… well then you’re not human, I think. There are several versions of it but we chose to do the Jonny Lang version. Lang has quite an amazing faith story to tell – he basically had a Damascus Road experience and it changed him immediately and profoundly. His conviction comes through in the singing of this song – we hope to do it justice next week.

That’s right – next week! Have you got your tickets yet? Remember this is a fundraiser for Cyrus Centre – and here’s something to be excited about: a friend has said that he and his wife will match all donations to Cyrus Centre up to $2500 – that means we could be giving $5000 to a fantastic ministry that serves street-entrenched youth. Can we do it? I believe we can. Yup. I believe.

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