Hand it Over


If your problems won’t go away

and you’re worried night and day

hand it over

get on your knees and pray
If you’re sick, feeling low

got no money, got nowhere to go

hand it over

get on your knees and pray

This is not my mom, but i love the strength in this image

This is not my mom, but i love the strength in this image

I’ve had the great blessing of having a mother whose life is governed by prayer. Her tombstone will read: “She prayed”. She has not had a particularly easy life. Her family grew up knowing hardship and poverty. She is an immigrant and so her story is typical that way – having to learn a new language, new society, find work and all that. She was married for more than 50 years to an alcoholic husband, whom she loved despite the crap we often lived with as a result of his drinking. She’s had her own health challenges including a bout with cancer more than 40 years ago. Some would call her stubborn, which would not be inaccurate, but I prefer to think of it as resolute in her faith. No matter what she faces, she is a prayer warrior, truly.

But mom isn’t just one to lay her shopping list before the Lord and expect him to deliver. She prays and waits. She’ll say her prayers are always answered, it’s just that sometimes, they’re answered in unexpected ways and in God’s time, not hers. And while she waits, she does what she can to the best of her abilities and trusts that God will work things out.

Prayer by Abbotsford artist Linda Klippenstein

Prayer by Abbotsford artist Linda Klippenstein

Ain’t no mountain you can’t climb

ain’t no answer you can’t find

All you need is a hand to hold

It’ll heal your body, feed your soul
If the road is dark and you can’t find your way

just let the spirit light the way

Hand it over

Get on your knees and pray


Jesus also knew the power of prayer, which is always encouraging to me, considering the mountain he had to climb. He pleaded with God to have the fate before him removed but also had the courage to accept that fate and trust that God’s will was best. Even so, when hanging on that cross, Jesus also cried out “why have you abandoned me?” It’s comforting to me to know that these were not his last words on the cross… Jesus committed his spirit to his Father and then announced the completion of his work: It is finished.

People nailed their blues to the cross (which we took home and burned later, so they are totally private) It was moving to see the cross fill up with concerns and cares and people nailed them and left them there. It was a moving experience!

At the Good Friday services, you’ll have a chance to nail your blues to the cross. It’s become a tradition to do this symbolic thing – taking the sorrows of life and handing them over to God, trusting that we are not abandoned, committing them to God, and awaiting the completion of God’s work in our lives and in our world. It’s a powerful act.

keb mo

This year, we’re incorporating that prayer into this song, Hand it Over, by Keb ‘Mo. This is a such a great song – simple without being simplistic, a declaration of faith.

What does prayer mean to you?


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