Monthly Archives: July 2012

It was a good, Friday church service

It was Friday. I thought I was going to a concert at the Harrison Festival of the Arts. What it turned out to be was a church meetin’ of the best kind. It included prayer, confession, testimonies, a sermon or two and, of course, singing. It also included dancing, clapping, cheering, a bit o’ cussin’, and enough time for a beer and a smoke for those who needed that. All were welcome and I believe that all were moved by Spirit. God was definitely in the house.

We went to the Mike Farris and the Cumberland Saints concert, the 6 member version (no brass this time ‘round). Mike began by sharing his story – he’s been clean and sober for years but when he first made that life changing decision he was afraid to return to music, since “that’s where all the bad stuff happened.” He thought he might be a blackberry farmer or a shoemaker or anything but a musician. But then he got “the call” and thank God he listened. He and his band delivered a soul-enriching evening of story and song that gave glory to God and was a testimony to the healing power of music.

If you ever get a chance to hear them live, jump at it. Here’s a taste of what you’ll experience: a link to the full band version of “Jesus got his hook in me and I don’t wanna get loose”.