If you build it…

Well, you came. In droves. Oh. My. Gosh!! We couldn’t believe how many folks turned out to the Good Friday Blues service yesterday – in fact, we had to turn scores of people away because the room simply could not hold any more people. For that we are truly sorry!  But we are also truly grateful that so many of you came out. Thank you so much!

Thank you again to Lando for opening up that space for us. You are a gift to our community, Lando. Thanks to your staff for being there and serving.

Thanks to Darryl Klassen for being our sound man extraordinaire – a talented and calm presence: two awesome characteristics in a sound man.

Thank you to Rod Wiebe and Marlene Friesen, for being supportive people at the cross as people came and nailed their blues to it.

Thank you to Hailey Kathler and Danielle Warmenhoven and Gareth and Adriel Brandt for reading scripture and our call to confession and words of assurance.

Thank you to John Dawson for preaching the “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s comin’” in true Campolo style.

Thanks to Egon Warkentin, my creative brother-in-law, who took these great photos of the evening.

We’re already talking about next year, two shows to accommodate more people. Today in the car I was listening to Tracy Chapman’s “Say it” and thinking, this would be a perfect song to sing with a reading about the Garden of Gesthemane… could happen, folks…

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